Mc Donald's

Got to enjoy lunch at McDonald's today with my beautiful grandchildren!

Downey - Warren Game

Had a great trip to my hometown - Downey, California.  I graduated from Downey High School, and our rival was Warren High School.  My brother got us field passes, and I was able to take some pictures on the field.

Nashville Recording Star - Freddie Way

I had the privilege of taking pictures for Freddie Way and his band while they performed in Las Vegas for Nevada's Wild Fest.  It was a great time, and they really enjoyed the pictures I took. 


Additional pictures from Sedona.  It was just absolutely beautiful there! 

Kendall, Mackenzie, and Starsky

I have to begin my blog with some of my favorite people - my grandchildren (and my dog!).  Kendall and Mackenzie bring so much joy into our lives, and I am so thankful for them.  Starsky loves them too!

My tools

This is how it all started in April 2012 - my wonderful husband gifted me with a new camera setup. 

New camera2.jpg