Jamie Krause. Photographer.

I've always loved taking pictures over the years. Many friends and family have commented that I should go into the business because I have a great eye.  It was a very scary endeavor, but with the encouragement of my amazing husband, I have developed this website to share my pictures with the world.

I have teamed up with Emaginative Imaging, and you will see our logo on various pictures as well.  Johnny Kenehan has been a great mentor, and another amazing photographer.  Check our our other website at:

This world is an incredible, beautiful place that God has given us for a while.  I believe in making sure as many people can see it and appreciate the gifts He has given us. 

Of course, I also have some of the most beautiful grandchildren, so you will probably see them repeatedly in my blog.  Thank you for stopping by my site, and I hope there is something here that you'd like to include in your home.